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Zyto technology at River Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Rocky RiverHow It Works

By combining quantum physics, biology, and information theory, ZYTO technology provides an interface between living things and computers allowing them to talk to each other.

Most of your daily activity is managed by an exchange of information that happens at a level below your conscious awareness. Every second there are an estimated 100 million impulses of information processed by your body that you are not aware of. The mechanism that filters this information is a part of your brain called the reticular activating system, and even though you aren’t aware of it, it is this information that keeps your body organized and healthy.

Pinpointing Your Needs

ZYTO technology revolutionizes the way we make decisions about supplementation, nutrition, and disease management by allowing us to communicate with and extract information from your body.

Similar to a lie detector test, the ZYTO Pro sends stimuli to the body and measures the response. It does so by converting computer data representative of items such as foods or nutritional supplements into what are called virtual stressors. It then outputs the virtual stressor to the body, measuring and ranking the body’s response. Using proprietary algorithms, the ZYTO Pro can determine the body’s degree of positive or negative response for each item being assessed. This information is extremely valuable, for example, in letting you know how your body will respond to different nutritional supplements or food choices.

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